Reduce your expenses - pay as much as you will stay in our hotel!

While you stay in Moscow on a business trip or with other visit, now you are not obliged to book a hotel room for the night or for the day. All you need is to pick up on our site the room with pay per hour and call the administrator to arrange about the rental time.

For accommodation you can choose any room. Thanks to the compassionate staff of the hotel and its accuracy, our guests always feel themselves excellent. The hotel offers 38 rooms with a kitchen, with a studio layout and decoration of natural materials. Our rooms are located the commercial outbuilding of the hotel of the State Duma, in a quiet part of Moscow with a good infrastructure. After all, the hotel is a place of rest, so we have provided everything to make the pastime of our guests more comfortable. Rooms per hour can be paid in cash at the reception desk at the time of check-in. Corporate clients and individuals can be settled by bank transfer, prepaid for this accommodation.

Our services are often approached by those who do not want to overpay for a whole day, in a case when the room is needed just for an hour or more. Thanks to us you will not only have a comfortable rest, but also save your money.

Standard double room DBL:
1 hour: 1000 rub.;
the night (23:00 to 09:00): 2500 rub.

Double Deluxe room DBL:
1 hour: 1500 rub.;
the night (23:00 to 09:00): 3000 rub.

Minimum booking time - 2 hours.

We are waiting for you in the Hills Hotel!

For more details call the manager: +7(495) 150-0145, +7(985)253-5831

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